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Brand Focus: Lubido

Lubido 250ml Range

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Lubido – one of the best known brands in the world of intimate lubricants..

And what a great name – the clever play on words works perfectly – just like the products.

The Lubido range is manufactured right here in the UK, just outside the Yorkshire Dales near Ilkley.

So, you can be sure of the highest possible standards of product, as well as having that feelgood factor of buying British.

But where did it all begin?

Well, if you are over the age of about 35 you will no doubt remember the other play on words within the sexual health world tag lines when the condom brand “Jiffi” came onto the scene (excuse the pun)

Making men with premature ejaculation feel much better about themselves and promoting sexual health globally – It’s, true, real men come in a jiffy!

All the knowledge gained through product testing, research and development laid the foundations for the conception of Lubido… it works!

Lubido stays true to its mission statement of “to provide affordable, safe and reliable products that truly add value to peoples’ everyday lives”

With its small but perfectly formed product range, Lubido is without doubt one of the best selling brands of sexual lubricant on the market, with a perfect blend of price, quality and diversity.

With just 3 “varieties” to choose from, there is nothing like keeping it simple.


Lubido Original Range 500ml, 250ml, 100mlThe “original” Lubido is our best seller of any product we supply – and for good reason

Water-Based and Paraben free, its formula is claimed to be the longest lasting of its kind – which means that it represent fantastic value for money as you don’t need much so a tube or bottle lasts ages.

Available in 100ml flip top tube, a 250ml pump bottle and most recently, a 500ml jumbo pump bottle, there’s no excuse to run out!

Safe for use with all toys, its latex safe so great for condoms, it’s the definition of “essential” in your bedside drawer.

Don’t worry about it getting everywhere either – its non staining and odourless so the sheets will wash up fine!

Lubido Anal Range 30ml 250mlLubido Anal does exactly what it says on the tin – it’s specifically designed for the more arduous lubricating tasks in Anal sex.

Again water based and paraben free, Lubido Anal Ease Lubricant is infused with Aloe for a more soothing playtime.

Antibacterial, latex safe, non staining and odourless – everything you’d expect.

If you’re thinking what’s the difference between the two, I’ll just use the Original for everything, that’s fine, but I’d say just try it, and you will not be disappointed

Lubido Anal comes in a handy 30ml pump bottle and a 250ml pump bottle



Lubido Hybrid Range 30ml 250mlLubido Hybrid

Water based, but this time, there is a touch of Silicone blended in to create a wonderful long lasting lube that is velvety smooth and nourishing

It’s not all about toys and tools, Hybrid makes for a fantastic massage experience and is great for you skin.

As with the Anal, Hybrid comes in a handy 30ml pump and a 250ml pump bottle.

Its toy safe, but it’s recommended to patch test on Silicone toys – or just play it safe and avoid using with Silicone toys altogether.

Non staining, odourless, paraben free and importantly, Latex safe.

It costs a little more than the Original, but it lasts forever!


Nice touches from Lubido?  All the pump bottles come with a pump clip to prevent the pump from, well, being pumped inadvertently.

Lubido Pump Clip











The latest stock also has the pump shrink wrapped for security and .hygiene peace of mind…..  so if yours doesn’t have that – its either old stock (check the use by dates) or its not the real thing…


50ml Anal and Hybrid have been discontinued sice mid 2019 – check your use by dates.


What’s your favourite lube and why?

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Have Fun!


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